An initiative of the Center for Cultural Innovation

AmbitioUS is an initiative of the Center for Cultural Innovation (CCI) encouraging the development of burgeoning alternative economies and fresh social contracts in ways that artists and cultural communities can achieve financial freedom.

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AmbitioUS is comprised of 3 components:

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Conventional sectors are not well suited for enacting systems change. We are building a new network of funders, allies, and partners. They are iconoclasts, starters, and explorers who have had, previous to this effort, little opportunity to cross program silos and geographies so that they can work together as structural-level changemakers. We build this network to catalyze multiplier effects and to extend impacts beyond the life of this initiative.


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We invest in two types of changemakers:

1. Trailblazers of Alternative Economy models that are based on relationships and well being, not on economic growth and maximizing profit. We support those who are essential to an emerging national infrastructure, with priority for their cultural work that is necessary in effecting desired social and economic outcomes.

2. Artists who are experimenting with more financially supportive models, with particular emphasis on those who are participating in Alternative Economy efforts within their place- or identity-based communitites. AmbitioUS supports such artists by helping them afford ownership of assets, which contributes to long-term financial security and positions them more powerfully as asset holders.



Frontline Communities

Sustaining Economic Paradigms


We know people are frustrated with current systems and are hungry for both information and new models. AmbitioUS is working at an important intersection that combines the efforts of economic justice, social justice, cultural economics, and the social systems of the commons. We want to share what we are learning with as many people as possible. In “Resources,” CCI and AmbitioUS staff share what we’re reading and what is influencing our work. In “Definitions,” we share how we are defining key terms. And, President & CEO Angie Kim shares observations with her Medium posts. This openness is our way of contributing meaningfully in circulating powerful concepts.