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We invest in two types of changemakers:

1. Trailblazers of alternative economy models that are based on relationships and well being, not on economic growth and maximizing profit. We support those who are essential to an emerging national infrastructure, with priority for their cultural work that is necessary in effecting desired social and economic outcomes.

2. Artists who are experimenting with more financially supportive models, with particular emphasis on those who are participating in Alternative Economy efforts within their place- or identity-based communitites. AmbitioUS supports such artists by helping them afford ownership of assets, which contributes to long-term financial security and positions them more powerfully as asset holders.

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We Are National

Our work takes us to where three priorities intersect: (1) hubs of alternative economic efforts that can contribute to a federation of practices and ideas; (2) communities that are experimenting with models of financial self determination as a solution to having been historically extracted or exploited from by both commercial and nonprofit financial supports; and (3) efforts by artists to shape systems that afford their practice and productivity. 

We also invest in the digital, web, and XR (extended reality) spheres in order to influence the trajectories of emerging online economies so that people of color (POC) creative content producers can be kingmakers. And, we work to influence the development of a new gig worker social contract (acknowledging that the term “gig” was originally popularized by the hustle of mid-20th century jazz musicians). This focus includes efforts for freelancers’ collective bargaining, independent worker protections and portability of benefits, and new sources of capital.

We go where the action is and not based on evenly distributing investments across the country. We encourage you to explore the work of AmbitioUS investees.


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