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Common Future staff members gather at the annual Community Capital conference. (Pictured from left to right: Jessica Feingold, Leslie Lindo, Ronilsy Diaz, Lauren Paul, Patricia McCarthy, Rakiba Kibria.) October 2019. Common Future, Oakland. Photo by Morgan Shidler Photography.

Common Future

Common Future is a leader in addressing unprecedented wealth inequality and economic injustice. It moves capital and decision-making power to those who represent financially vulnerable communities, serves as an incubator and accelerator for BIPOC small businesses, and uses data and research to advocate for the adoption of new economic models. With its recent acquisitions of Unchartered (a BIPOC-centered venture accelerator) announced in May 2022 and Community Credit Lab (a BIPOC-focused lending intermediary) announced in September 2022, Common Future is becoming a comprehensive economic change engine that is shaping new infrastructure to realize economic justice.

AmbitioUS is providing a one-year $5,000 general operating support grant to Common Future as it makes significant infrastructure investments necessary to grow the movement for alternative economic models. 


Economic Trailblazer 






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