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Nexus Community Partners, North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship. (Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: Me'Lea Connelly, Danielle Mkali, Carla Olukemi Schleicher, DeVon Nolen, Rekhet Si-Asar, Kenya Mknight, Ashley Bennett, Tana Hargest, Repa Mekha, Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard, LaDonna Sanders Redmond.) 2018. Nexus Community Partners, Minneapolis. Photo by Lynette Condra.

Nexus Community Partners

Incorporated in 2010, Nexus Community Partners (Nexus) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the intersection of community building and economic development for communities of color, focusing on the historically African American neighborhoods of North Minneapolis, where Nexus is located. Through its community wealth-building programs, Nexus focuses on cooperative development, which helps residents build greater individual and collective wealth. While its first cohorts were in-person and focused on serving those in the Twin Cities, its recent virtual cohorts
included local and national Black-led cooperative founders. Nexus now collaborates with other cooperative and community wealth-building programs nationwide. AmbitioUS is providing continued support at $50,000 for its North Star Black Cooperative Fellowship and its Fellowship Alumni Fund.








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