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Courtesy of Seven Fires. Pictured, Seven Fires Board and Staff Members, left to right: Stephanie Gutierrez (Oglala Lakota), Cecily Engelhart (Ihanktonwan & Oglala), Vanessa Roanhorse (Diné), Jennifer S. Irving (Oglala Lakota), Apryl Deel-McKenzie (Diné), Veronica Bruesch (Wichita & Affiliated Tribes of Oklahoma). Photographer: Matthew Perez, Picuris Pueblo

Seven Fires

Seven Fires is a nonprofit committed to the movement to Indigenize and rematriate tribal economies as a core pathway to healing for Indigenous communities. It does this through its Indigenous Community Wealth Building program, Matriarch Fellowship, and supporting an extensive network of Indigenous leaders and communities. Seven Fires is working to replace extractive capitalist systems with regenerative, community-centered, and community-owned economies. After years of laying the groundwork and building relationships, the organization is positioned to pilot its Indigenous Community Wealth Building program with three Indigenous communities. In 2023, AmbitioUS provided a two-year $100,000 general operating grant at this critical time of growth and experimentation.



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