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Sustainable Economies Law Center 2022 staff retreat In Oakland, CA: (from left to right, top to bottom): Chris Tittle, Tobias Damm-Luhr, Cameron Rhudy, Christine Hernadez, Jay Cumberland, Tia Katrina Taruc-Myers, Ricardo Nuñez, Elizabeth Burnett, Alejandra Cruz, Dorian Payan, Mwende Hinojosa, Erika Sato, Itzel Nuno (not pictured: Janelle Orsi, Hope Williams, Sue Bennett)

Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC)

Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) is a worker-directed 501(c)3 nonprofit that incubates and supports projects at the intersections of economic, racial, and climate justice redistributing wealth, democratizing governance, and providing long-term stewardship for vital resources. SELC creates, develops, fiscally sponsors, spins-off, and nurtures projects, such as immigrant-owned cooperatives,  Black-owned real estate cooperatives, Indigenous land trusts, and new intermediaries. SELC itself has transitioned over the years from a traditional nonprofit to a worker-directed 501(c)3, meaning that it is experimenting with running a nonprofit as an employee-governed cooperative. 

AmbitioUS is providing a one-year $50K general operating support grant to SELC as it continues to be a leader in developing new models and policies for cooperatives and community-owned economies. 








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