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The BIG We Foundation

The BIG We Foundation develops cultural strategies that center people from historically marginalized communities (Black, indigenous, women, people with disabilities) with a focus on the Southern United States. In addition to the creative content and community it creates, The BIG We Foundation also engages in restorative economics by investing in projects that generate sustainable impact and place more and different people in power. The BIG We was created by Anasa Troutman, who is also the Executive Director of Historic Clayborn Temple (HCT), as a collaborative platform to raise significant funds to not only stave off the erasure of Black cultural communities, which are currently under threat of gentrification but to also uplift and empower them. This underwritten consulting support affirms the work that Anasa is doing with both organizations and helps to address a significant need to unlock networks and funding relationships needed to make Anasa’s vision of a thriving Black Memphis, and other Southern African American cities, a reality. 

AmbitioUS is providing $50K in support on behalf of The BIG We Foundation (in collaboration with Historic Clayborn Temple) as it develops and implements a fund that provides African American communities in the South pathways to economic self-determination.



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