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Courtesy of United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives, AmbitioUS Investee. United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives Staff and Board. (Pictured from left to right: Pablo Benson-Silva, David Morgan, Ana Martina Rivas, Esteban Kelly, Dana Curtis, Daniella Preisler, Cami Thomas, Ricardo Nuñez, Maru Bautista, Anna Boyer, Mai Nguyen, Mo Manklang.) 2017. Philadelphia.

United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives

United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) is a nonprofit membership organization for worker cooperatives in the United States. AmbitioUS is supporting research, development, convening, and pilot stage of developing a Freelancers Cooperative project, which will provide independent workers with labor protections and freelancer-specific services in the United States. The Freelancers Cooperative project is significant for contributing to a national discourse on what a new social contract in the U.S. looks like: This project will uniquely recognize, collectivize, serve, and provide labor protections for a growing independent-worker labor force using a cooperative business model.



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